Best Place to visit Near Kathmandu: Kakani


About Kakani

Best place to visit around Kathmandu Valley: Kakani is a popular mountaineering destination for spectacular views of Annapurna (8091 m), Ganesh Himal (7446 m), Manasalu (8165 m), Lantang Lirang (7245 m) and 24 other peaks. The place is the best for having an eagle-eye view of the Kathmandu Valley. Kakani is a one day trip from Kathmandu.

Why and how to go Kakani?

It is 42 km from Kathmandu. We can get by private car or bike in an hour and thirty-minute drive. Most of the people visit this place for a visit, picnic, the Himalayas for the best and the closest views.

Our destination to visit best place near kathmandu valley : Kakani

Kakali Hight - Prakash Pokhrel (Mama)
Kakali Hight – Prakash Pokhrel (Mama)

2018/07/21: On Saturday, my uncle’s stay in Kathmandu. In the morning, Mama-nephew cooked and ate the sweet meal. We both had jobs. Only once a week came our day, the other was job and education. So we decide to visit Kakani. It was a beautiful place as well as the Best place to visit around Kathmandu Valley.

best place to visit around kathmandu valley
Kakani – Photo Collection

When our journey started in Kakani. A black cloud was brought to the sky in Kathmandu, but we made our way ahead. When we arrived at Kathmandu Ring Road, we felt very happy. The journey of the jungle, the dark clouds in the sky, the cool breeze and even the sight of Kathmandu made us feel paradise. Enjoying taking pictures of the spectacular scenery visible on the street, we were on our way earlier but the sky started to rain. Even though it started to rain, our travels became more exciting, with no interruptions.

Kakani Hight view - Photo collection
Kakani Hight view – Photo collection

Almost there we were approaching Kakani, the water started to drop a lot and we had a corn sack on the other side of the road and we stopped there and started eating corn. The corn was very tasty and sweet. When the water subsided, our trip to Park resumed. You stayed in the park and took the food to the nearest store to eat. Finally, we reached Park. The view there was absolutely delightful. We stayed there for some time, enjoyed the scenery and took our journey back to Kathmandu.

best place to visit around kathmandu valley
Kakani Hight view – Prakash Pokhrel (Mama)

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