Best Place to visit in Nepal: Syarpu Lake

Syarpu lake

About Syarpu Lake

Best Place to Visit in Nepal: Syarpu Lake, located in the Rukum district of Nepal, is the most popular and largest lake in the region. The lake is about 35 km from the Musikot airport in Rukum district and is also known as “52 lake and 53 hills.” The Syarpu Lake is a major lake for the various water species found in it. You can always see the different species on this lake and enjoy the peace around it. So what are you waiting for, put your feet up, relax, sit back and relax because what happens in the pool stays in the rhythm!

Syarpu Lake Gate
Syarpu Lake Gate

Our Destination to visit Best Place in Nepal

Rukum - Bheri River
Rukum – Bheri River

Our destination decided to visit the big lake in Rukum district which is one of the best places to visit in Nepal. Therefore, on 2018/11/16, we (friend, brother and my maternal uncle) left for our destination from Dang district. We saw many beautiful places along the way, and we all had fun along the way. The panoramic view of Rukum district and the panoramic views there attracts us a lot. The winding paths of the mountains and the bumpy paths had exhausted us, but the movement of friends and the delightful view there had erased our fatigue.

We all stayed that day at a most popular place in Nepal Musikot Khalanga Bazar in Rukum district, taking pictures of the sidewalks and enjoying the atmosphere there. We spent the night enjoying the day without feeling tired. On the morning of 2018/11/17, we had lunch and visited the market and we left that place to see our destination, Syarpu lake. The cool breeze of the morning and the mountains there wooed us a lot, but we were still very keen on changing colors.

We arrived at our destination taking pictures of the spectacular scenery. We are very happy to be there. By the time we got there, we were very hungry. We ate the sweet fish found there. We set out to see the place. The scenery and air impressed us a lot. That day we were busy at the same place and towards our house towards the beginning of the evening.

Best Place to visit in Nepal
Rukum – Musikot Mountains
Best Place to visit in Nepal
Rukum – Musikot Hills
Syarpu Lake - Photo Collection
Syarpu Lake – Photo Collection
Best Place to visit in Nepal
Rukum – Musikot Hills 2

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